Branża: oprogramowanie
Kraje działalności: Europa, USA
Rok założenia: 1992

Industry: Software
Countries of operation: Europe, USA
Founded: 1992

Neurosoft Sp. z o.o [Ltd.] was established in November 1992 as a project of workers and graduates of University of Wroclaw and Wroclaw University of Technology. Our distinctive focus is on artificial neural networks and our main objective is to use artificial intelligence technologies in practice. The company’s name NEURO-SOFT is derived from the artificial neural network technology used by us in the development of software.

Interpenetrating issues related to artificial intelligence, such as analysis and synthesis of speech, image processing (including handwriting recognition) and natural language processing, in conjunction with non-conventional processing techniques, result in a qualitatively new solution for the interface between man and machine.

With a strong R&D department we successfully transform our research on new technologies into specific products and solutions – thus we operate at the intersection of science and business. Developed technologies are the foundation of our products and solutions dedicated to the processing and distribution of information presented in different forms and formats (text, audio, image, videogram).

A particularly importantapplicationof our technologies is connected to intelligent transport and road safety systems. We arecurrently the onlycompany offeringa commercial solution that enablescomprehensiveidentification (registration number, vehicle class, brand, model andcolor) of ANPR-MMR vehicles in motion,solelyon the basis ofthe analysis ofdigital images.

Here are the three most important areas of our research:
Speech processing – research that has been conducted for years in the field of Text-To-Speech. A direct result of this is SynTalk, a program to synthesize Polish language speech. In addition, new solutions for automatic speech recognition have been created.

Digital image processing – thanks to basic research it was possible to create modern technologies associated with writing recognition (Optical Character Recognition) and unique methods of electronic publication of documents (for example BIP format and NeuroLib system).

Natural Language Processing (NLP) – more than a decade of research in this area, focused primarily on creating methods of grammatical analysis of texts written in Polish, resulted in a globally unique commercial morphosyntactic analysis system of texts written in Polish – Neurosoft NeuroGRAM.

For us the Internet isfirst of alla carrier of information-therefore we specializein buildingsystems to process that information.We transport information that is not easily available,”frozen” in the form of paper, into digital information,which is subject to fullsearchandsuitable forcomputer processing. In this way,we release valuable knowledge, which becomespart ofelectronicreality.

The main products offered by Neurosoft are:

Export products:

NeuroCar – a family of products that applies advanced image analysis methods in intelligent transport and road safety systems. The bestseller systems include:
– NC RedLight- control system for red light running;
– NC WIM-P – system for detecting overloaded and oversized vehicles – preselection;
– NC Section Speed ​​Control – a control system for the average speed of vehicles on a given road;
– NC Access Control – access system to separate urban and industrial areas;
– NC Electronic Toll Collection – automated road payment system.

Products on the Polish market:

NeuroBiz – a web portal providing access to data about Polish commercial companies from KRS (National Court Register) that also offers the base of financial statements and information on selected won public tenders;
NeuroCourt – software to support the work of the courts;
NeuroGram – a system for the morphosyntactic analysis of texts written in Polish;
NeuroLex – a system for processing documents containing legal information;
NeuroLib – a system for the presentation and safe distribution on the Internet of electronic versions of documents (books);
NeuroScope – Internet and Intranet system for full-text information retrieval;
SynTalk – software for generating synthetic speech;


The company’s development strategy is based on continuous adaptation of technology to the needs of the market and on exploitation of competitive advantage resulting from innovation. Neurosoft is the leader in the use of artificial intelligence in practical telematics applications, including Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Due to the high market dynamics and technological capabilities of supply, Neurosoft opens up to global markets, which is the main assumption of the strategy. By 2020, we want to be present on all continents delivering software, know-how and remote service based on Internet tools and architecture of „Cloud” systems. Identification of vehicles with the use of high resolution video devices with built-in drivers for intelligent image processing and data output transmission will be the basic functionality of the most subsystems of ITS.
The choice of engagement markets is the result of trends, market conditions and the potential of infrastructure and population. Currently Neurosoft has branches in Germany and the United States assuming, in the first place, the exploration of economic markets that provide stability and high demand resulting from the level of civilization. We are also present in the Middle East, which is a region with very good prospects in the medium term (2-3 years). Even this year we will install a pilot system in Australia. In the medium term we are preparing to enter Eastern markets – through Ukraine, where we have accentuated our presence, to Russia and eventually China and South America. By 2016 Neurosoft aims to increase its sales to 40 million euro.

Taking into account the global availability of products (software via the cloud and standard equipment components – global and proven producers) and the possibility of local contact with customers through partners, we are not limited geographically. Changes in legal and market requirements support the potential profitability. Due to the integration and interoperability assumptions of systems within the European road corridors, mechanisms and products offered in the ITS global markets must be characterized by versatility to meet the functional and operational standards, which creates opportunities for global development of products and services for their manufacturers and integrators. Industry reports estimate the global market of ITS at 24 billion dollars by 2017, with a growth rate of 12% per annum.

These financial targets assume an active expansion into foreign markets by attracting partners and creating joint projects based on Neurosoft’s technologies. Technology is developed through collaboration with academic and public R&D centers (University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw University of Technology, Research Institute of Roads and Bridges) also in international fora (7th Framework Programme – Opti’cities Project).

The development strategy is supported by marketing promotion in the ICT industry. Neurosoft is present at international trade fairs (CeBIT, Intertraffic), congresses (ITS European/World Congress), seminars and meetings of working groups (for example: FGSV Arbeitskreis 3.2.9 „Videodetektion in VBA”) and business meetings. It should be mentioned that the telematics industry in which Neurosoft operates is limited to a few players, and thus it is easier to communicate with potential customers.

This activity is additionally supported by e-commerce, a change in the Visual Identification System and increased PR. Neurosoft has won international prizes and awards in the field of research and development (European Business Award, the Award of Merit on Innovation Fair in Pittsburgh 2013, ITS Leader Warsaw 2012).

The companybelongs to manylocal(Knowledge and Innovation Community for Informationand Communication Technologies) and international(Connectbaltica, FGSV- Die Forschungsgesellschaft für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen) clusters of ICT. It is an activemember of ITSPolandandthe non-profitUS-Polish Trade Council.



– In 1994 Neurosoft created one of the first speech synthesizers: cheap, easy to use, requiring no additional hardware, and the first truly Polish product of this kind. It was called Syntalk (
– For a few years Optimus added Syntalk to their products as standard equipment.
– We created a product for blind people – AutoLektor was a „box” and it was enough to put a book inside, press the button and the scanner photographed the printed text and the device read it aloud. Our authorship BIP module, which automatically transformed image into text was the most important element in the device.
– The first intelligent traffic monitoring system was installed by Neurosoft at an intersection near Syców in 2006. It was a pioneering system of „reading” license plates (ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition).
– 300 speed cameras in Poland are equipped with our technology for image analysis.
– We are currently the only company offering a commercial solution that enables comprehensive identification (registration number, vehicle class, brand, model and color) of ANPR-MMR vehicles in motion, solely on the basis of the analysis of digital images.
– In December 2013, in Lyon, the Municipal Office of Wroclaw and Neurosoft signed a consortium agreement within the framework of an international research project called Opti’cities. (Http://
– Wroclaw was the first city in Poland involved in pioneering projects of dynamic weighing of vehicles. Neurosoft was the provider of the vehicle video identification software systems installed on five routes in to the city.
– We also provide solutions based on natural language processing (writing and speech) for the Ministry of Justice and the Patent Office (
– We have digitalized over 5 million pages of documents.



1. The prestigious title of Polish Champion – in November 2013 the company joined an elite group of Wroclaw companies implementing international development strategy.
2. Editor’s Choice of „Polish Roads” monthly magazine 2013, BDiM and the National Economic Chamber of Road in the twelfth edition of the competition. The prize was granted for innovative solutions in the field of intelligent transport systems.
3. Golden Statuette in the Innovation in Transport 2012 competition in the category of Special Innovative Idea for the project: „Video Gate” – a comprehensive system for the identification and monitoring of vehicles and goods”.

Additionally, in the same competition the company has won the following awards:

  • Bronze Statuette for the NeuroCar 2.0 RedLight system for automatic registration of offenses of drivers crossing an intersection on a red light.
  • Special Award for innovative transport project promoting a partnership between scientific institutions and business, awarded for the Research Institute of Roads and Bridges and Neurosoft Sp. z o.o. project, entitled: „NeuroCar 2.0 RedLight” – for the automatic registration of offenses of drivers entering an intersection on a red light, for effective collaboration of research institutions and production company, utilizing and developing the results of research conducted and funded under the Framework Programme of the European Union.

4. International Trade Fair INTERTRAFFIC 2012 in Amsterdam – Award nomination in the category „Security” for NeuroCar RedLight system (control for red light running).
5. The title of the National Leader of Innovation and Development 2011 for the NeuroCar system in the category of „Innovative Product”.
6. Regional Leader of Innovation and Development 2010 for NeuroCar system.